Cracker Crossing

A Florida Cracker Country Experience

Florida Cracker Horses

"Banjo" (FC803) FCHA 2000 Gelding
Owned by Colin & Kelly Furness  

 THE FLORIDA CRACKER HORSE is one of ten most endangered DOMESTIC animal species on North American Continent.  This breed traces its ancestry to Spanish stock brought to Florida in the 1500's when our state was discovered by Spain. Preparing to return to Spain, the Spanish left some of their cattle, horses and hogs to make room for their collected treasures.  That puts these animals here nearly 100 years before the pilgrims arrived!  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently stated “Cracker horses are living, tangible links to Florida’s history....”

The genetic heritage of the Florida Cracker Horse is derived from the Iberian Horse of early sixteenth century Spain and includes blood of the North African Barb, Spanish Sorraia and Spanish Jennet (gaited). Its genetic base is generally the same as that of the Spanish Mustang, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Criolla and other breeds developed from the horses originally introduced by the Spanish into the Caribbean Islands, Cuba and North, Central and South America
These horses and their cowboys were documented in illustrations by
Frederick Remington in 1865.
Due to the changing needs of ranchers, the introduction and popularity of the Quarter Horse forced Florida Cracker Horses to the verge of extinction.  This breed remains one of the most rare and endangered domestic horse breeds on record. Thanks to a few devoted ranchers and the efforts of our state agricultural department, their numbers are now  increasing. 
Florida Cracker Horses are small, compact animals with a narrow chest and short back.  Their tails are low set and they have prominent hips.  Like their ancestors before them, many are gaited.  In 1989 an official agency, FLORIDA CRACKER HORSE ASSOCIATION, was established for the purpose of preserving and perpetuating the Cracker Horse.
There are now over a thousand registered Cracker horses living & breeding predominantly in Florida.
In 2008, The Florida Cracker Horse was designated as
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