Cracker Crossing

A Florida Cracker Country Experience


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Florida Cracker Cattle

 Florida Cracker Cattle are one of the oldest and rarest breeds in United States.  They are descended from Spanish stock imported to this continent in the16th century by the Spanish Conquistadors.   The Florida Cracker breed developed right here in the state of Florida.  They are a small, horned breed that quickly adapted to the Florida landscape and have long been prized for their resistance to parasites and other hardy traits. They weigh generally under 900 pounds with gorgeous hides that come in a variety of colors.






 Not all our clients seek to purchase registered stock but

still desire small, hardy & docile cattle for their property.  For those

interested in commercial stock, we are proud to offer our original

crossbred CRACKERFORD cattle.  We cover our Registered

Miniature Hereford bulls with our Florida Cracker cows.

 Most of the offspring resemble Hereford cattle but sometimes we

get calves that look more like crackers with colorful, speckled and

brindle hides.  They maintain the size and docile temperament of the

Hereford but have the hardy stamina of the Florida Cracker.

Crackerfords have become very popular so check out the Photo

Gallery to see what all the fuss is about.