Before & After Before & After LITTLE MARY JANE HOUSE This is a before shot of the eastside of the house at IdleWild. The whole house can be vacuumed from a single outlet : - ) NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL DOWNSIZING! This will be the garage side of house in future. 97302885 South Side of original house This will be the FRONT of the house after construction. 97301774 West side of barn with stalls behind Summer 2010 97301776 New Stall AFTER Bella got a new 'birthing' sized stall built this summer in hopes of her being bred next year. 97301775 Side view of stalls AFTER New roof, new trimwork. Now everybody has a spot to eat and rest. 97301777 Pooo at Work Our new Manure Compost Bin. Recycle lumber, 8 hours teamwork. DONE! 45541128 Barn Westside & Chick Coop/Run Barn Westside & Chick Coop/Run 2008 45546220 Eastside Paddock Eastside Paddock 2008 45546226 Westside Paddock Westside Paddock 2008 45546222 Bromiliad Garden under Camphor Trees Bromiliad Garden under Camphor Trees 2009 45546224 Westside Barn Westside Barn with corral & wash rack 2009 45546223 Corral, Wash Rack, Open Stalls BEFORE Corral, Wash Rack, Open Stalls 2009 45546225 IdleWild Driveway Heading Home to the house in the hammock...The trees are Colin's idea. He loves those trees. He had them planted and each one had it's own little sprinkler head. We didn't loose a single one. Should call the place Spoiled Oaks. 55495723 Colin & Dyllan BEFORE This is the temporary corral for Bo. Winter project, new stall for a new horse. See new stall pix to see it now! 70333050 New corral BEFORE New corral rails going in. This was a temporary corral for Bo. This past summer, Colin and friend erected a roof and made it permanent. Now it is a stall for Big Bella. 70333049 Corral BEFORE This is what Bella's stall looked like B4 the roof went on this summer. Big Difference! 70333051 West Pasture Fenceline 2 men, 2 days, 22 hours. The West Pasture barbwire has been replaced with 4 board fencing. Way to go Colin! Bring on the foals. 115535356 West Pasture Fenceline 115535357 West Pasture Fenceline 115535358 3 New Stalls Colin and Jason are putting in 3 new open stalls on the west side of paddock. We had to remove 2 oaks and 2 cabbage palms. Our neighbors made swamp cabbage from the trees. Yummy! 117933422 Blame Game We had to get a picture of this. The guys were working so hard neither one noticed that they screwed in the board inside the ladder. Who did that? 117933421