Show & Tail Show & Tail Isabel Sofia (Banjo's Sister) Florida Agricultural Museum Cracker Filly 41799659 Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Donovan has a keen eye for close ups. This summer he grabbed Kim's camera and shot lots of close ups of the animals and various stuff. This photo was entered into a photo competition called "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER" and won 2nd Place. Now the photo is being sent to District Competition. Way to go Donovan! 57920701 My ride to work... Fort Lauderdale Sunrise on the East coast 70329909 Windmill @ Dusk Sunset on the West coast 55366956 Florida Sandhill Cranes IdleWild is often visited by the Sandhill Cranes. They make the most amazing LOUD noise and fly in and out with a wingspan of nearly 8 feet! 70329910 Slowpoke This is SLOWPOKE our resident Gopher Tortoise. In Florida, the gopher tortoise is a threatened species. The gopher tortoise and its burrow are protected by state law. We are very honored to share our piece of dirt with him. Here he is going home. He has an IN door and an OUT door to his burrow. They are about 20' apart in the south run of our property near the orange grove. 96433173 Slowpoke Cruising through the pasture. 190646783 Bat house We put up 3 bat houses on the property over a year ago. Still waiting for some residents. This one is on one of the arena posts. 106534392 IDLEWILD SIGN I made this sign out of barbwire & camphor wood found on the property. It now hangs over our arena gate. 106534393 190646779 190646778 190646780 Shadow Dancing Shadow Dancing 72176015 Furry Curry Flowers It's SPRING & the horses are shedding their winter coats. Here are our spring flowers. 190508431 Bottle Tree 190646782 190646784 Silver Spurs Herd Inquisitive Group 72176019 Fish pond 190646785 Silver Spurs Herd Silver Spurs Herd 72176018 Tool shed Repurposed some old doors to make a tool shed. 190646786