This n That This n That Everyone loves a windmill Drink on a hot day 32879939 The Home Stretch Traffic Jam 41799662 IdleWild It's a little of both out here... Idle & Wild 32879940 Cow Pond, Venus Florida We are all on watch. 32879941 Dead Head Johnson Road Property Welcome Sign! 39259325 Summer Sunflower 2009 Courtesy of the green thumb gardeners, our nephew Donovan and his mommy. Check out the water droplets... 40821790 Wildflowers from Todd Black Eyed Susans from the roadside brighten up the kitchen window. 45547265 Eve Prints Eve's 1st Steps 55495724 Sunset Sky 55512154 Sunset @ IdleWild Sky at Dusk 55512156 On The Road Again Here we are rollin' down the road. Horse trailer in tow, Highlands County groves in the distance. 57565036 Redneck Trailer Well, when you need your mower and you ain't got a trailer, here's what ya do in Wauchula! We saw this outside the Tractor Supply store and could not resist. 87802459 Morning Mist Morning Mist 72176016 Homecoming Every time we arrive home, this is our welcoming commitee! Of course Banjo leads the way and Sug brings up the rear...Funny how they can't wait to get in their stalls and then can't wait to get out! 108526965 Boy Toys Mr. Colins (as he is known in Hardee County) loving life with all his John Deere toys. 108662378 Sunset at IdleWild 113585823 Bella & Banjo Ahhhhhhh...That feels soooo goooood. 54106529 Horse Grazing Bella and the Boys, Banjo & Bo 70334974 Gopher Tortoise Holes We had to panel off one of the holes (in background). It was a horse leg breaker! 117933051 190508433 Gopher Tortoise Holes The hole keeps getting bigger and bigger. 117933052 SLOWPOKE his hole. 117933053 SLOWPOKE We thought there was just one tortoise but recently we saw one in EACH hole. 117933054 191813542