Miniature Donkeys Miniature Donkeys FLIPS LORD ROMEO Romeo 196935151 FLIPS HUNTER MOON BOON Hunter 196935146 FLIPS LADY OLIVIA Olivia 196935143 FLIPS HUNTER MOON BOON Hunter, 3 weeks old 196935181 FLIPS BEN THERE DUN THAT Ben 196935147 FLIPS JUST BE FRANK Frankie 196935145 FLIPS NO HARM DUN Harmony SOLD 196935148 FLIPS WHO DUN IT Hootie SOLD 196935149 FLIPS DUN RIGHT Rita SOLD 196935150 FLIPS EASIER SAID THAN DUN Sadie SOLD 196935152 FLIPS ALL IS SAID AND DUN Allie SOLD 196935166 FLIPS WOMANS WORK IS NEVER DUN Willow NFS 196935154 FLIPS DUN FOOLIN ROUND Fletcher SOLD 196935171 Hunter 7 months old 198786024 Hunter 2 weeks old 198786027 Romeo A man on a mission! 198786026 FLIPS DUN TO PERFECTION Prissy, 3 weeks old. SOLD 198786028 Prissy 1 month old SOLD 198786029 Prissy SOLD 198786030 FLIPS SOUTHERN AMBROSIA Spotted Jenny NFS 198820929 FLIPS BEN THERE DUN THAT Our Dun herd sire, Ben, looking ever so handsome. NFS 198820930 FLIPS MY WORK HERE IS DUN Our sweet little Daphne NFS 198820931 FLIPS DUTCHESS DELILAH This beautiful and sweet lady was almost loved to death in her previous home. She was fed too much grain and not enough forage. Delilah has a gorgeous red brown color and the most gentle personality. NFS 198820932 Hunter 5 months old. Can't get enough of this cute little fellow. 198820934 Momma Olivia and her foal Hunter When you have a jenny with a kind disposition like Olivia, you know her foals will all be winners! 198820935 Vidalia and Ambrosia FLIPS SWEET VIDALIA having a sniff while her daughter, FLIPS SOUTHERN AMBROSIA checks out a new noise. NFS 198821136 FLIPS LORD ROMEO Romeo is our spotted herd sire. He had very little handling before coming to our farm. This is a photo from his first few days here. He's come a long way since then. Miniature Donkeys learn very quickly who they can trust. Once they know you care for them, they are devoted to you. 198821137 Ambrosia, Vidalia & Daphne Love these precious ladies. All three are in foal. NFS 198821138 Ben Is that treat for ME? 198821139