Reference Stallions & Mares Reference Stallions & Mares SONNY DEE IMPRESS TWO (Sonnys Silver Lad x Special Carrie) SONNY is the sire of our 2011 foal Eye Dee Wild Gun, aka....Gunner. 135584880 TVF JAG BAR CODY (NOTICEONEMORETIME x Jag Girl)Cody is the sire of our 2012 filly, NOWONDERCODYBEECOOL, aka...Cobe. 149647532 NOTICEONEMORETIME (Doc Notice x Blob's Leo) Grand sire of Cobe. 149647533 TWO EYED JACK Lena's pedigree 109070676 Mr. Gun Smoke Smoking Sug RRR's pedigree 102243321 DOC BAR Smoking Sug RRR's pedigree. Sire of Docs Sug. 102224437 DOCS SUG Smoking Sug RRR's Great Grandsire 102201894 OTOE'S WONDER Smoking Sug RRR's pedigree 102201890 MONTLEON Bella's pedigree 102201891 MR. FANCY BONANZA Bella's Great Grandsire 102201892 IMA COOL SKIP Bella's Pedigree 102224438 JACKIE BEE Bella's pedigree Sire of Tee Jay Roman 102224440 TEE JAY ROMAN Great Grandsire of Cool Serenity (Bella). Own son of Jackie Bee 102224443 SCENIC PAHASKA Grandsire of Cool Serenity 102224442 ZIP TO HUSTLE Sire of Scenic Pahaska Great Grand Sire of Cool Serenity 102224444 DOC OLENA Great Grand Sire of our mare Smokey Two Eye LENA 109070672 DOCTOR WOOD Grand Sire of our mare, LENA 109070673 GAY BAR KING Great Grand Sire of LENA 109070674 HOLLYWOOD GOLD Lena's pedigree 109070675